• Modify Quantum Piston ( w/Titanium Coating Full Metal Teeth)-Modify Airsoft parts


Modify Quantum Piston: All-Steel Gear, Titanium-Plated, Strengthened Piston

Modify Quantum Piston is newly-designed all-steel gear, titanium-plated, strengthened piston, features improved rigidity, unequal-length track for perfect contact against AEG gearbox.

With superior stiffness, lightweight of polycarbonate construction, coupled with unequal-length track, the piston not only reduces load on gearbox but also delivers superior performance. 

Modify Quantum Piston with all-steel gear, wear-resistant, titanium-plated steel alloy material, Modify Quantum Piston has high strength to suit modifications for high-speed shooting, high torque applications.

The titanium plating is chemically stable to excel under even extreme temperatures, with also high strength and wear resistance.


Why should you correct AoE?

By correcting it, you can make your piston last much longer than it normally would.