• Modular Gear Set 6mm Ver.2/Ver.3, Top Gear 15.05:1 - Modify Airsoft parts


Material Steel Finish Thermal Treatment


Modify's Modular Airsoft Gear Set for 6mm Gearbox Ver.2&3

High speed, Airsoft Gear Set Ratio 15.05:1

Modify's High-speed Gear Set for 6mm Gearbox Ver.2&3 has 15.05:1 gear ratio. Made of steel that has been specially heat treated, it is strong, durable and works more smoothly. Its modular design enables easy installation without needing to adjust gear gaps; while the precision gears operate as expected and are easily maintained.

Upgraded Airsoft Gear Sets increase performance and durability of airsoft guns. Gear sets come in different ratios, but the lower the ratio (or high speed gears) the faster rate of fire.


Gear set ratio defined

High speed gear (lower ratio) increases ROF of AEG. Standard ratio has the same ratio as stock AEG. High torque gear has ratio higher than stock to operate stronger spring to achieve higher muzzle velocity.