• Tappet Plate Ver.2 - Modify Airsoft Parts


Material Polycarbonate


Tappet Plate for Airsoft AEG V2.

For AEG Gearbox Ver.2

Modify's Airsoft Tappet Plate Version 2 is designed for V2 AEG gearbox (M4, M16, etc.). Made of reinforced polycarbonate to be stronger and durable, Modify's upgraded Airsoft Tappet Plate minimizes wear.

Modify's AEG Airsoft Tappet Plate V2 has a unique design to reduce the contact area with the gearbox to achieve a faster reaction.

Airsoft Tappet Plate Function
An Airsoft Tappet Plate is important to an airsoft AEG gearbox. It is connected to an air seal nozzle via a spring and nub on a sector gear. Its motion enables an air nozzle to feed  BBs into a hop-up unit.