• Ball Bearings 8mm (6pcs) - Modify Airsoft parts


Cerbec balls are over 100% harder than steel ones. In a hybrid bearing, the extremely hard and smooth CERBEC ball keeps raceways clear of contaminants by pushing them away from the contact patch. In addition, the CERBEC ball remains extremely smooth to prevent ball-to-race damage. For end-users, this means reduced bearing wear and longer bearing life with high precision. 

* Vickers Hardness 10 KG Load

Cerbec = 1550 

Steel = 730

Lower Operating Temperature from CERBEC's: 

  • lighter weight (lower frictional losses) 
  • higher stiffness (lower contact area against the metal race to reduce friction) 
  • inertness (no adhesive wear or heat generation from micro-welding) 
  • lower thermal expansion (stable pre-load & contact angle to reduce friction)


Advantages of Hybrid Bearing: 

  • Dissimilar Materials (Steel and silicon nitride) 
  • Less Wear
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Higher Speed
  • Extended Bearing Life
  • Lower Friction
  • Stiffness
  • Lower Vibration