• Modular Gear Set - SMOOTH 7mm Ver.2/Ver.3 (Torque 21.6:1+Gear Key) - Modify Airsoft parts
  • Modular Gear Set - SMOOTH 7mm Ver.2/Ver.3 (Torque 21.6:1+Gear Key) - Modify Airsoft parts


Material Steel


Breaking the way traditional gunsmiths adjust the gear gap so that the entry player can easily complete.


  • Steel gears are hardened and durable
  • Modular design, no need to adjust gear clearance
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Recalculate the size of the upper cam and shorten the stroke of the lever
  • With a safety check valve, the “one” groove on the Anti-Reversal Latch is designed to quickly and safely release the electric gun spring before opening the gearbox.


  • Suitable for Ver.2/ Ver.3 gearboxes including Ver.2 CA, G&P reinforced gearboxes.
  • Steel construction for strength and durability.
  • Easy installation without the need to adjust the inter-gear gap.
  • Precision gears for smooth operation and easy upkeep.
  • The elliptical hole for adjustment to secure the gearbox.
  • 21.6:1 gear ratio
  • Exacting design, the special gear ratio, and nano-treated surface.     

NOTE: Remove nut counter-clockwise to replace gears.

Modify Steel Torque-type SMOOTH Modular Gear Set is extremely tough, durable, featuring exacting design and special surface treatment to result in precision, no-stick operation coupled with significantly improved anti-fatigue characteristic to enhance durability.

Equally important is Modify SMOOTH Gear Set's modular design ends the need for airsoft players to have to adjust inter-gear gaps. It's also easy, simple to install, with a reduced friction coefficient to result in quieter operation.



High-speed gear (lower ratio) increases ROF of AEG. The standard ratio has the same ratio as stock AEG. High torque gear has a ratio higher than stock to operate stronger spring to achieve higher muzzle velocity.

On an airsoft gun with the same motor, a high gear ratio achieves greater torque to be able to compress stronger spring to result in higher muzzle velocity but lower FPS. In contrast, a lower ratio achieves lower torque with the capacity to only compress weaker springs to result in lower muzzle velocity but higher FPS.