• Modular Airsoft Gear Set 7mm Ver.2/Ver.3, Top Gear 15.05:1-Modify Airsoft parts


Material Steel Finish Thermal Treatment


Modify's Modular Airsoft Gear Set 7mm Ver.2/Ver.3

High speed, Airsoft Gear Set Ratio 15.05:1


  • Suitable for ver.2/ ver.3 Marui series gearboxes.
  • Made of steel that has been specially heat-treated for strength and durability.
  • Easy installation without the need to adjust the inter-gear gap.
  • Precision gears for smooth operation and easy upkeep.
  • Exacting design, the special gear ratio, and the nano-treated surface for works more smoothly.
  • 15.05:1 gear ratio


Upgraded Airsoft Gear Sets increase the performance and durability of airsoft guns. Airsoft Gear sets come in different ratios, but the lower the ratio(or high-speed gears) the faster rate of fire.  

Modify's High-speed Airsoft Gear Set for 7mm AEG Gearbox Ver.2&3 has a 15.05:1 gear ratio. Made of steel that has been specially heat-treated, it is strong, durable, and works more smoothly. Its modular design enables easy installation without needing to adjust gear gaps; while the precision gears operate as expected and are easily maintained.


Airsoft Gear ratio defined

On an airsoft gun with the same motor, a high gear ratio achieves greater torque to be able to compress stronger spring to result in higher muzzle velocity but lower FPS. In contrast, a lower ratio achieves lower torque with the capacity to only compress weaker springs to result in lower muzzle velocity but higher FPS.