• Airsoft Hop Up Bucking MOD24 / SSG24 - Sniper Rifle Spare Parts - Modify
  • Airsoft Hop Up Bucking MOD24 / SSG24 - Sniper Rifle Spare Parts - Modify


Modify Hop Up Bucking MOD24

The Hop-up Bucking for the Modify MOD24 is a high-quality compression kit, able to work as expected under extreme temperature. Thanks to great design and material, the Hop-up Bucking achieves perfect air seal, superior tear resistance, and high abrasion resistance.

The Modify upgraded hop-up units not only increase compression but also minimize the bucking and inner barrel from minute wobble.

Spare Parts for Bolt-Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle MOD24

Item # Description
65201026 Hop Up Bucking MOD24
65201054 M130 Spring for APS/TYPE96/MOD24 Series
65201061 MOD24 Adjustable Trigger Assembly
65201068 Safety Lever Set
65201071 MOD24 Spring Guide Stopper
65201081 Trigger Weight Screw with nut
65201001 MOD24 Stock - Black
65201002 MOD24 Stock - OD
65201003 MOD24 Stock - TAN
65201004 MOD24 Stock Adjustment
65201017 MOD24 Sling Swivel Set (2 pcs/ set)
65201021 MOD24 Outer Barrel - Taper Type
65201022 MOD24 Muzzle Cap
65201025 MOD24 6.08mm Inner Barrel 485mm
65201027 MOD24 Metal Hop Up Chamber
65201033 MOD24 Hop Pressure Lever & Adjustment Plates
65201035 MOD24 Hop Up Chamber Stainless Click Pin with Spring
65201037 MOD24 Hop Adjustment Lever
65201041 MOD24 Receiver (with POM Rings)
65201042 MOD24 Receiver End
65201046 MOD24 Cylinder Set (M130)
65201050 Picatinny Top Rail Set
65201051 MOD24 Piston
65201053 M80 Spring for APS/TYPE96/MOD24 series
65201056 MOD24 Bolt Handle
65201057 MOD24 Stainless Bolt Clip Pin with Spring
65201060 MOD24 End Cap with Screw
65201065 MOD24 Trigger Sear
65201085 MOD24 Sling Swivel Studs (Front x 2, Rear x 1)
65201093 MOD24 Trigger Guard Screws (Front x 1, Rear x 1)
65201097 MOD24 Trigger Guard
65201115 MOD24 Magazine Outer with Screws
65201116 MOD24 LED Box
65201123 Mercury Batteries LR41 (3pcs/set)
65201127 Cleaning Rod - 685mm
65201134 BB Loader for Modify Air Gun Series
65201146 MOD24 Cylinder Set (M80)
65201100 MOD24 Series 30-Round Magazine
65201122 MOD24 Series 30-Round Magazine with LED box


What does a hop up bucking do?

Hop-up chamber and hop-up bucking mainly provide backspin to BBs as they exit barrel to increase flight duration and therefore range, whose proper adjustment can enhance trajectory.