• Xtreme Tactical Carbine XTC-G1 M Aster (BLK)
  • Xtreme Tactical Carbine XTC-G1 M Aster (BLK)


Weight 2.6 kg Length Min./ Max 804 mm / 889 mm
Inner Barrel Length 363 mm Inner Barrel Caliber 6.1 mm
Pellet 6 mm Magazine Capacity 190 rds


The new XTC series AEG

Military M-LOK handguard can be used with the corresponding products of the commercially available M-LOK.

BOX internal structure adopts metal piston head and metal cylinder head.

All steel gears are also used. Significantly improve durability.

The rapid replacement of springs has always been a feature of the XTC series.

And the buttstock can be easily opened from the rear, which is more convenient when installing the battery.


The biggest feature this time is equipped with GATE ASTER electronic trigger, which can effectively protect the battery and the trigger.

Players can also change the shooting mode according to their own usage habits.